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Sunday, December 03, 2006

working on my thesis has done a lot of thing for me, and that includes the fact that i am now avidly following the last two weeks of pinoy dream academy.
so guys, please!
text PDA PANKY and send to 2331 if you're a Globe, Touch Mobile or Sun Cellular subscriber.
text PDA PANKY and send to 231if you're a Smart, Talk n' Text or Addict Mobile suscriber.
and if you don't have anything else to do with your money, buy the damn vote cards and vote for her.
loser na kung loser. i love this girl.

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12/03/2006 03:32:00 PM

Saturday, December 02, 2006

... i had a minor eye operation done yesterday, and it freaking hurts. imagine getting the skin around your eye injected with anesthesia, having the skin clamped so that it'll be stretched, then having the opthalmologist poke the skin with a little sharp thingy so that the sties (aka kuliti - and no, hindi ako nanilip! perverts.) will come out. all this while you're conscious. it fucking hurts.
afterwards, the doctor put a pressure patch on my eye, and for about five hours, i looked like an extra for a pirates of the caribbean movie:
hurts like hell.
and you know what really freaked me out? when i removed the patch, the cotton swab was red with blood. so that means that what i thought were tears trickling down my face during the operation was actually blood. good lord.
well, at least that's over. having your eye swell every other week was worse (which is what happened to me for about a month before i had this operation done).
anyway, congratulations mong for winning the best male and guitarist of the year awards last night. even though there is no chance in hell that you'd stumble upon this page and read it, congrats anyway. you deserve it. *hug* (<--- kadiri! nyay.)

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12/02/2006 06:40:00 PM

Saturday, November 11, 2006

bakit namin pinag-aagawan si mong?!
tinatamad ako mag-cross post. http://roroport.livejournal.com
admit one is love.
note to all: just leave a comment if you want to... well, leave a comment. lang tagboard dun e, mas madalas ako mag-post dun. thanks!

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11/11/2006 10:11:00 PM

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

gawd. i typed an entire blog entry on my livejournal but when i clicked this stupid button allowing pop-ups, the entire thing got erased. and now i've got to type it all over again.

anyway, i was just telling the entire world (or just the people who read this blog which is a pretty small number) how much i love house. i've just finished the second season and now i'm hunting all over the net, trying to find a site where i can download the third season for free. i can't even watch house reruns because i don't have axn.

ang astig talaga ng house. 3/4 of our time during sem planning was spent watching it. now even my orgmates are hooked. don't worry, it's a good addiction.

thanks michi for introducing me to house. i love him. but i love chase even more.

speaking of sem planning...

for some reason, this concert has given us more headaches than... whatever.

my org, up broadguild, is going to have a concert on the 17th. it's for the benefit of kids at he care foundation. and since we're backed up by 99.5 rt, we've got cool bands to play on the concert like imago, dicta license (who still hasn't replied to my message, by the way), kwjan, stonefree, etc. we're supposed to have the concert at the bahay ng alumni, but then some other org reserved it for a seminar, so we decided to have it at the as parking lot. but surprise, surprise. when i went to the ovcca yesterday to reserve the venue, i found out that another organization beat us to it. as in, november 17 din! duy. murphy's law talaga. we already have enough problems with money without having to worry about the venue.

hay. i will just think of this as a test of character for the organization. if we don't pull this off... nah. WE WILL.

we sure have gone through a lot of tests this year, though.

anyway, people, please come to the concert. tickets are only for 30 bucks. c'mon, 10 bands for 30 bucks? that's a great deal.

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10/31/2006 07:53:00 PM

Friday, October 27, 2006

went to the airport las night to pick up my dad. in fairness, i only made one wrong turn, considering it was my first time to drive to the airport. haha.

we have a new digicam! yay, camwhoring na naman ito.

also brought a lot of cookies at the duty free store at naia. saya saya.

ayun. tapos eto yung nakakatawa...di ba kapag may mga umuuwi galing ibang bansa, lahat ng tao nagaantay ng chocolates? di siyempre expected yun sa dad ko, na magdala siya ng chocolates. e kamusta naman, halos ka-presyo lang ng chocolates sa duty free yung sa groceries dito, mas mura pa. so saan kami bumili ng chocolates?

sa WALTER MART! haha.

o di ba. sosyal. haha.

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10/27/2006 06:01:00 PM

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

sayang din naman kasi yung account ko e. saka for some reason, mas feel ko ang livejournal. haha.


go go go!

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10/25/2006 11:30:00 PM

Sunday, October 22, 2006

only one more looming concept to go.

we finally (!) finished our documentary-fest yesterday so that's that, although we had a bit of a problem (okay, so it wasn't a bit) ours. apparently, when you're editing with vegas, you have to spare an entire day for rendering. of course, we don't work that way, so when we clicked the render button yesterday morning at around 6am, we found out that our 17-minute video would take around 7 hours to render. and deadline was at 9. so what we did was we shot the docu from the pc monitor, captured it and burned it into dvd. para-paraan lang. pero syempre, we can't pass the docu with that quality so i'm rendering it right now. and rendering. and rendering.

our ethics class under sir chito also had its film showing yesterday, and god, that was so nerve-racking. paano ba naman, sir chito asked to pick 3 out of his list of 6 really obscure and old films (i'm talking 1930-1970 films here) and look for them whereever so we can view it in class and discuss the ethical issues presented in them. so, wanting to be less burdened with having to look for old films, we chose the 3 most recents ones in the list: guests of the emperor (1993), heaven knows, mr. allison and lost horizon (both from the 70's). who would've thought na mas madali pa pala hanapin yung goodbye, mr. chips na from 1930 at guns of navarone na older din than those three? grabe. di siyempre nung malapit na kami mag-film showing (it didn't help that sir chito was more than two hours late), sobrang kinakabahan kami kasi we heard from the other classes that he walked out on them when they didn't have all three films (and trust me, you wouldn't want sir chito to walk out on you. the consequences would be too great.) tapos wala pa kaming barbecue popcorn na gusto ni sir.

ewan, baka talaga good mood lang si sir kahapon. and to think na nag-complain pa siya kasi wala kaming dalang ice at konti lang yung coke ("this class is so lousy! serving softdrinks that's warm?!). isasabay pa niya kami pauwi. duy.


ang tagal ma-download nung last ep na lost. gusto ko na makita si rodrigo santoro. wahaha.


ang sarap talaga ng may kapatid na hrm. right now i'm eating something they baked for their makeup baking class. i have no idea what it's called, but it's made out of cream cheese (yum!), white chocolate and macadamia nuts. sarap sarap.

i'd better savor this as mukhang di na mauulit to. sobrang mahal e.


isang exam na lang. waha.

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10/22/2006 01:07:00 PM


If you guys think I'm absolutely amazing and want me to make you a blog layout, think again. All I did was copy and paste the code from blogskins.com. So there.

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